Paul WoodDr Paul Wood, BPharm MSc MBBS  FRACP.  Consultant Paediatric Oncologist/Haematologist

Our Researcher

Dr Paul Wood is a consultant paediatric oncologist/haematologist at the Monash Children’s Hospital Clayton.   He has been undertaking a PhD over the past 3 years and his research revolves around neuroblastoma.  This work will be published in the near future.  YAMS Foundation funded $140,000 towards this research in 2009 to 2011.

We have committed to funding a further $161,877 for 2013/14 for Paul’s next phase of research which will be undertaken at Peter Mac Cancer Centre and Monash Institute of Medical Research.  Paul’s proposal was recently reviewed by our advisor, Professor Grant McArthur, who has recommended that the funding should proceed.

In 2010 Paul presented the research at the COSA conference & won the award for best translational (which means the research can be applied to humans) research. This means that doctors and scientists working side-by-side on the same problems, taking scientific discoveries from the lab bench to the patient’s bedside through new drug discovery and clinical trials, with the goal of improving the outcome for children diagnosed with neuroblastoma.  Translational research has become a priority for medical research funding. The Program Grant is one of only nine awarded throughout the country for outstanding medical research.  Congratulations to Paul on winning this highly competitive grant

In March 2013, Paul was awarded the Kathleen Tinsley Fellowship at Monash Institute for Medical Research for the next 5 years so YAMS will fund portion of this research also.

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